Our sober-living facility teaches honesty, trust and mutual respect. We provide an environment in which our residents can heal with the help of a proven 12-step-based, structured program. At JC’s House, the expression of your inner-feelings and open communication skills are encouraged. Our focus is to provide a safe, peaceful and Christian centered sober living community in which residents are proactive in their recovery. They are encouraged to address their needs, problems and feelings in a mature and prayerful manner.

We welcome the family to be active in their loved one’s recovery and constantly provide updates and progress reports. We look to build confidence and renewed self-worth through learning good habits and doing esteem-able things. All residents are committed to helping each other regain a life worth living and are taught on how to grow both emotionally and spiritually. We offer a certified addiction professional with over 26 years of clean and sober time. He is assessable to each client 24/7. Our program director, as well, is your sobriety coach and will oversee all aspects of your recovery with a hands-on approach and complete accountability. We work with your sponsor (that we will provide for you if necessary) support group & spiritual director to monitor your progress and address any particular problems or concerns.