Faith-Based Sober Living

JC’s Faith-Based Sober Living house is located in beautiful Hollywood, FL. we are only 1.5 miles from the beautiful beaches of South Florida. At JC’s House, we provide a solution for those struggling to stay sober from alcohol and drug addiction. We are a structured Christian centered residence for people seeking to achieve permanent recovery, one day at a time. We also encourage and assist our residents to develop and maintain a deep and meaningful relationship with the Lord. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit and the spiritual principles outlined in the 12-Step process of recovery, long-term sobriety can become a reality.

Faith-Based Sober Living is a unique approach that we offer. We attend Bible studies and Celebrate Recovery in addition to the regular 12 step programs. We understand that a foundation in faith is essential for permanent sobriety. We offer a wide array of Sober Living services for our residents. We understand when someone is transitioning to a sober living they can be full of anxiety or fear of the unknown because they are starting a new chapter of their life. We at JC’s Recovery House are here to help you or your loved one transition as smooth as possible.

JC’s Recovery House offers 24 Hour on-site management for our residents. They will always have full access to our staff in case any problems arise. We offer assistance with job placement and transportation to all meetings.

JC’s Recovery House, a Christian halfway house for those seeking to stay sober, is a structured, faith-based sober living residence that is centered in the mercy and forgiveness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Addiction is a serious illness that ravages the lives of countless victims. It is only through God’s grace that many are able to stay sober one day at a time. However, clearing up the wreckage of the past can be difficult and disheartening. This is why we believe that our calling is to serve those who are struggling to stay sober by providing an ordered yet loving community that encourages 12-step recovery, a relationship with god and fun, sober activities that strengthen the spirit.