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About JC House

We are a Halfway House designed to provide a solution for those struggling to stay sober from alcohol and drug addiction in a structured residence for people seeking to achieve lasting recovery.

Our Location

Our Halfway House is located in beautiful Hollywood, FL just 1.5 miles from the beautiful beaches of South Florida.

Ongoing Support

Our focus is to provide a safe, peaceful and supportive halfway house in which residents are proactive in their recovery.

Family is Welcome

We welcome the family to be active in their loved one’s recovery and are committed to providing continuous feedback to put your mind at ease.

About Our Halfway House

JC’s Recovery Halfway House provides safe, sober living homes with a high quality addiction recovery program administered with compassion and individual care.

About Our Community

JC House Hollywood FL

Location, Location, Location

We are located on nearly an acre of grounds in Hollywood, Florida. We conveniently serve the Broward, Dade and Palm Beach Counties of South East Florida. For our out-of-town residents, we are only ten minutes from Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) and only forty minutes from Miami International Airport (MIA). We are conveniently located near all public transportation (Federal Highway/US-1 just south of Sheridan Street).

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Our Halfway House Residences

We are a beautiful Halfway House residence near breathtaking beaches, we believe true recovery must be more than just a hiatus from reality. There needs to be serious change within the addicts psyche and spirit to stop drug and alcohol usage altogether. Hence, why our community, although lush and splendid, is focused on structure, fellowship, and deep healing in all facets of the individual – physically, mentally and spiritually. You can view our gallery here.

Our Program

Click each phase for additional details on our 4 phase treatment plan

Phase I

  • Adhere to Curfew: 10:30pm Sunday-Thursday and 11:30pm Friday-Saturday
  • Cooperate in random drug and alcohol testing to promote accountability
  • Get a Sponsor, a Home Group and Spiritual Mentor
  • Secure gainful employment (We offer job training and employment placement services.)
  • Memorize the first 3 steps of the 12-step process along with the spiritual principles behind them
  • Begin working a 4th step with the help of your Sponsor
  • Attend 12-Step meetings, gatherings and services as outlined in the suggested schedule

Phase II

  • Adhere to Curfew: 10:30pm Sunday-Thursday and 1:00am Friday-Saturday
  • Cooperate with random drug and alcohol testing to promote accountability
  • Get a Service Commitment while attending weekly meeting
  • Memorize the 3rd and 7th Step prayers
  • Memorize the first 6 steps of the 12-step process and the principles behind them
  • Complete the 4th and 5th step with your sponsor
  • Read and be knowledgeable on the first 6 steps as outlined in the “Twelve and Twelve”
  • Complete verbal assessment with Program Director on your knowledge of the 12-Step process and the first 3 chapters of The Big Book

Phase III

  • Adhere to curfew: 11:30pm Sunday-Thursday and 1:00am Friday and Saturday
  • Acquire a working knowledge of the first 9 steps and the principles behind them
  • Complete Steps 6-9 with your Sponsor and become knowledgeable of the Twelve and Twelve
  • Have memorized the full version of the Serenity Prayer and 11th Step prayer
  • Service Commitment received while attending weekly meetings
  • Take necessary action to become a leader in the community and help newcomers
  • Complete advanced verbal assessment with our Program Director on your knowledge of the 12-Step process and the first 6 chapters of The Big Book

Phase IV

Graduate Phase

  • Verbal assessment on all 12 steps and their principles, AA history, knowledge of the first 164 pages of The Big Book and the Twelve and Twelve with Program Director
  • Knowledge of all prayers learned in Phase I-III
  • Service Commitment received and/or volunteer work secured
  • Submit an exit strategy and plan of action with the support of the Community and Program Director
  • Participate as chair at 12-step meetings
  • Sponsor other alcoholics and addicts
  • Fulfill leadership role in community

When Other Programs Fail

Our close-knit sober living community has proven time and time again to be a successful step on the road to recovery.

12-Step Integrated

We are a sober living residence that promotes long-term recovery from addiction as modeled through the 12-Step process of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. AA and NA are a spiritual approach to recovery that, in our experience, is one of the most effective approaches for lasting sobriety.

Our Successful Approach

We are all too familiar with the incomprehensible demoralization brought about by alcoholism and drug addiction as well as the emotional, mental and spiritual damage as a result of failed treatment. The addict or alcoholic who is truly sick and tired, who has tried endless versions of the same ineffective treatment methods will find new hope at JC’s Recovery House.

Why JC's Recovery House?

Our sober-living facility teaches honesty, trust and mutual respect. We provide an environment in which our residents can overcome addiction and old behaviors with the help of our treatment program.
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What We Offer

Countless success stories of our alumni prove that long-term sobriety is possible with the right support and treatment.

Program Eligibility

Please check the requirements outlined to find out if you or your loved one is eligible to enter the program at JC’s Recovery House.

Success Stories

We are proud of what our clients have accomplished and their testimonies are a true gift. Read what they’re saying.
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Additional Resources

Click here for additional resources in addiction recovery support. Email to suggest a resource.
Sober House Manager Jerry Pagan


John Charos, Chief Financial Officer

John grew up in Queens, New York John struggled with drug addiction for many years. Now with over 20 years in the South Florida recovery community John has devoted a large part of his life helping young men overcome the same addictions he struggled with for so long.

John keeps recovery and his relationship with God first in his life and is eager to help patients reach a happy and joyous recovery.


Stephen Boyarsky, Spiritual Director

Brother Stevie B. helps clients develop a strong relationship with God through spiritual counseling and strong knowledge of God’s word. Brother Stevie B. is the Ministry Leader of the Recovery Bible Study of Ft. Lauderdale. ( He is Blessed to be the Ministry Leader of Celebrate Recovery, in Dania, Fl.

Our community encourages a tailored 4 Phase treatment plan that has proven to increase the chances of lasting sobriety.

Program Guidelines

We want to be completely transparent so you and your family know exactly what to expect before your treatment plan begins.

Get Directions

Feel free to schedule a tour before making a commitment.

Call 24/7

We are always available to help you and answer your questions. All calls are confidential.


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