FARR Accreditation

FARR Accreditation is a process that Recovery Residence’s go through to promote quality sober housing through compliance with National Standards. FARR is the Florida affiliate of the National Alliance for Recovery Residences (NARR). The standards were built upon the Social Model of Recovery Philosophy (SMRP). The Social Model Recovery Philosophy was founded in the 1960s in California. 

This a requirement for Recovery Residences in the State of Florida. This helps keep a regulating agency to oversee the care of those living in these residents. Oversight is very important when you are in a position to be caring for other people and the more checks and balances within the community the better.


There are four different levels in the Social Model Recovery Philosophy; they are as follows:

Level 1 – Self-Directed Peer Support 

Level 2 – Monitored Peer Support 

Level 3 – Life Skills and Peer Support 

Level 4 – Clinical and Peer Support

The Levels correspond to the level of care offered by the treatment provider. 

Standards and Domains

Thirty-eight (38) standards are organized under six (6) separate domains form the NARR Standard. FARR accreditation follows these standards within the domains. The domains are as follows:

  1. Organizational / Administrative 
  2. Fiscal 
  3. Operational 
  4. Recovery
  5. Property
  6. Good Neighbor

Each domain covers a different part of the Recovery Residence and all of them must be adhered to and kept up.

Certified Recovery Residence Administrator

Each FARR Accredited Recovery Residence must have a Certified Recovery Residence Administrator (CRRA) licensed by the State of Florida. A CRRA is a credential for people who operate and administer recovery residences. A CRRA for a FARR accreditation must undergo training, a level 2 background check and application with the Florida Certification board. They must have on the job training and letters of recommendation when applying. 

All of these things help ensure that recovery houses and sober homes are safe and regulated for the residents. If you are looking for a secure and structured recovery residence for yourself or a loved one, then asking if they are FARR accredited should be one of the top questions you ask. 

JC Recovery House has undergone all FARR accreditation for Recovery Residences at all of our locations.